How can I allow other members of my staff to submit support tickets and billing questions.

Our support and billing system allows you to add a member of your staff as a sub-account so that they can submit support tickets or have access to billing/invoices.

To create a sub-account go to the support page and log in.

Then go to Client Area > My Details > Add New Contact or Manage Contacts

Fill out all the basic account information for the new contact.

Then make sure you check the "Activate sub-account" checkbox. This will display the password fields.

Enter a password for this sub account. Users will be able to go in and change their passwords later on if needed.


Check the boxes for the permissions that are needed for this sub account.


To submit support tickets and request changes to the site, they should have the following options checked:

Sub-Account Permissions: View & Open Support tickets.

E-Mail Preferences: Support Emails - Allow this user to open support tickets in your account.


Billing managers should have the following options checked:

Sub-Account Permissions: View & Pay Invoices

E-Mail Preferences: Invoice Emails - Invoice and Billing reminders


Click the Save Changes button to create the account. Now the sub-account user can log in and only see options that you have set.

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