How to change the season name for a sport?

This is a new feature that will be released to our BETA clients on November 6th, 2017 and to ALL clients November 13th, 2017
When you log in to the admin for the first time after the date above your sport season names will change. For example, Baseball is a spring only sport for most schools. The season name will be auto set to 2018 instead of showing the full season 2017-18. 
If you would like for this to be updated for any sport go to Admin Settings > Manage Sports > Edit the sport you would like to change. Select from one of the following options for Season Format.
1. Full Year - Ex. 2017-18
2. First Year - Ex. 2017
3. Second Year - Ex. 2018
Here is an example of what the change season name looks like in the admin.

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