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Article Add Career Stats on Bio Pages
SIDHelp Gold & Platinum only. Contact to upgrade today. You must export...
Views: 1577
Article Adding a Roster Photo for a player or coach
Go to the Roster of the sport that the player/coach is associated with. If the player/coach is...
Views: 1564
Article Adding Custom Roster Fields
SIDHelp now has an option that allows you to add additional data fields to your roster pages....
Views: 1267
Article Batch Upload Roster Images
SIDHelp now offers the option for you to do batch uploads of roster bio images. Note: When you...
Views: 1270
Article How to Add Coach Types
To add a coach type for your roster go to Admin Settings > Manage Misc Option > Add Coach...
Views: 1230
Article Import Rosters
There are 5 ways that you can import rosters for your sports: Graduate Roster from last year -...
Views: 2368
Article Previous Years Roster Bios
  SIDHelp has a feature that allows you to show different bios (paragraph text) for a player as...
Views: 1285
Article Why do roster photos not move up from my school site to the conferece site?
There are a few reasons why this could be happening. The most common cause of this is that the...
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