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Article Manage SMS (text message or email updates) Subscribers
Admin Settings > Social Media > Subscription Service Settings SIDhelp PLUS and GOLD Admins have bhe ability to send users updates (scores,...
Views: 6811
Article Standings Display
Admin Settings > Misc. Options Standings Display. You can edit the Standings display by using this page in the admin. You can assign symbols...
Views: 4803
Article How to change the season name for a sport?
This is a new feature that will be released to our BETA clients on November 6th, 2017 and to ALL clients November 13th, 2017.    When you log in...
Views: 4295
Article How to import schedules into Google Calendar/Android devices
SIDHelp - 1.3.89We have now made this process very simple by adding a "Add to Google Calendar" link for all schedules. If you are trying to...
Views: 3391
Article How can I view my website statistics to see how many visitors are view my site?
We us Google Analytics for our website statistics. Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights...
Views: 3065

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