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Most Popular

Article Code Ads
Code ads allow you to display YouTube ads or widgets inside an ad zone. To create a coded ad, just change the 'Ad Type' drop-down to "Code". This...
Views: 7266
Article Manage SMS (text message or email updates) Subscribers
Admin Settings > Social Media > Subscription Service Settings SIDhelp PLUS and GOLD Admins have bhe ability to send users updates (scores,...
Views: 7138
Article How can I allow other members of my staff to submit support tickets and billing questions.
Our support and billing system allows you to add a member of your staff as a sub-account so that they can submit support tickets or have access to...
Views: 5379
Article Standings Display
Admin Settings > Misc. Options Standings Display. You can edit the Standings display by using this page in the admin. You can assign symbols...
Views: 5111
Article Add a New Season
We have made it very easy for you to add a new season to your site.  You can add a news season after your latest season or before you earliest...
Views: 5026

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