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We have made it very easy for you to add a new season to your site.  You can add a news season after your latest season or before you earliest season.  If you need to add a season that is way out of range from those two choices please submit a ticket and let us know what season you would like to add.

To add a news season,  log into your admin system then find the following link

Admin Settings > Seasons, then click the Add New Season on the right hand panel.

Normally, you want to make sure the season is Unlocked and also shown on the web (checkbox option).

After you add the season, you will be shown a confirmation that the season was added.   You will also see a list of all the linked sports that were copied from the last season to the new season.

If you need to add or remove any of the linked sports from this new season click on the sport name for that season.

Note - SIDHelp will automatically add a new season for all sites in March of each year if you have not already added the next season.

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