Crop a photo for a news article

When adding or editing a news article, you can use the "Upload and Crop Image" option to make your photo the appropriate size for your rotator. When you click the "Upload and Crop Image" button a popup window will appear. Click the "Browse" button and then select the image off of your computer. Then click the "Upload" button and it will take you to the Create Thumbnail window.

In the Create Thumbnail window, you can drag the box around and grab the corners of the box to work with your image. The proportions of the Height and Width will stay the same, which is needed to size the image correctly for use with the News Rotator. Once you are happy with the image, click the "Save Crop" button at the bottom of the screen. This will close the popup window and populate the Photo URL field.

If you are having trouble loading an image to crop, pay attention to the red message bar at the top of the screen. It will tell you the reason that your image will not work for a news article image. Most of the time, this is because the image is not tall or wide enough(they have to be at least as big as your news image to be cropped). Another reason might be that the image is too big in terms of file size (MB). If this is the case, try reducing the file size with a photo editing program or site before using it as the News Article Image. Another issue may be caused by using images with special characters such as apostrophes, spaces or hyphens in the image name.

If you don't have an image that will work with the "Upload and Crop Image" option, you can use the "Browse Server" button to set the image for the news article, however the News Rotator (on the homepage and sport homepages) will show a default image instead of the one you assigned. The image will be shown when the user reads the actual article (after clicking on the story in the rotator).

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