Import Rosters

There are 5 ways that you can import rosters for your sports:

Graduate Roster from last year - You should use this option most of the time. It will remove the Seniors from your team and move all players up one class year. Then you can add the Freshmen players and make adjustments to the coaching staff if needed.


Download Roster from Conference site (that also uses SIDHelp) - You can pull a roster from a conference site that uses SIDHelp.


Copy Roster from another sport - You can use this option for sports that have the same/similar rosters, like Track and Field


Upload CSV Roster -  You can use this option for if you have a Comma Separated Value file. Excel files can also be used if they are saved as a .csv file.


Download Roster from Dakstats - You can download your roster from Dakstats, but this should only be done if no other roster importing options are available as most Dakstats rosters do not have data for fields like hometown, previous school or class.

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