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NOTE - The Report Scores page only show events that need scores/results entered and events that are in the next few days. If you have lots of events listed on the Report Scores page, there are a couple of options for cleaning this up. The best is to report the scores or if they didn't have a score then click on enter results button and select the no team score option. You can also lock your old seasons (which you should do) if a season is locked it will not show on the report scores screen.

Admin > Report scores

Enter Results - Allows you to enter scores for an event. You can also utilize the Extra dropdown field for extra innings or Overtimes, and the Status field for games that have no team score or forfeiture.

Edit Event - Allows you to edit an event (similar to the way you would edit event from the Schedules page)

Postpone or Cancel Event - Allows you to quickly postpone or cancel an event.

Write Release - Allows you to create a news article that is linked to this event.

Link to Stats - Allows you to link a stats file to this event as well as upload a season XML or Game XML for Gold and Platinum packages.

Create Photo Gallery for Event - Allows you to create a Photo Gallery for this event.

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