Import Schedules from Dakstats

NOTE - This can only be done by a super admin and only if we have turned on Dakstats integration on your site.

NAIA schools can download their schedules from the Dakstats website after they have web synced their schedules.

From the Admin > Schedules > Select sport that does not have any scheduled events.


When the link opens you will need to select the sport you would like to download and click on the Next Step button.

SIDHelp will now download the schedules for all the schools for the selected sport. When SIDHelp downloads a non-NAIA school you will have to tell it what school to match it up to. After you are finished importing all the schedules, you will see a preview of your comprehensive schedule for that sport. You should look at it and make sure there are no duplicates. If you see a duplicate, click on the trash can next to the duplicate and delete it.

You can repeat the steps above as many times as you wish. For example, you could do it after each school lets you know they have web synced. SIDHelp will try (and does a good job at it) to match up the games to prevent duplicates.

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