Can I have a Menu for a Custom Page I Created?

NOTE - We have to add custom code to your site for this to work.  First follow the instructions below and if the menu does not show on your site submit a ticket and we will add it to your site.

Step 1 -

First go to Content Management > Pages, and make sure that all of your custom pages which will have the menu are in a subfolder. The pages that you are trying to add a menu to should not be listed in the main list. All of your subfolders are listed as red links at the top of the page listings. If you do not have a subfolder to hold all of the pages that will display the menu, create one now.

Go ahead and create all the pages that will display the menu in this subfolder. These pages should all be related in terms of content as they will all share the same menu links at the top of the page.

Step 2 -

Create a new page named _menu. Add all of your links to this page. Whatever is in this file will be displayed at the top of the other pages inside this subfolder. You may have to type in some text, highlight it and make links to all of the pages in this subfolder. Once you have created this "_menu" page, click the view link beside one of the other pages in this subfolder and see if the menu is showing up at the top of your custom page. If the menu is showing, you are done. If the menu is not showing, please submit a ticket and we can add the code to your site to show the menus at the top of your custom pages.

Note: Once you get the menu showing for one page in the subfolder, it should work for all pages in that subfolder. You can always go back and edit the _menu page to adjust the links to the menu that will show at the top of custom pages in that subfolder.

You may want to create all the pages in the subfolder first, then you can go back and edit them to get the link for it (which you can use to cut and paste into link section of the _menu page). The link should be something like "/f/YourCustomPage".

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