How do I change the colors of my Mobile Web Site?

Admin Settings > Miscellaneious Options > Mobile Site Settings


Changing the colors (and other basic settings) of your mobile site is very easy.


Commonly used settings:

Mobile Site Title: You can edit the Title of the mobile page as needed.

Number of News Items: You can specify how many news articles will be display on the home page.

CSS: Advanced users can upload styling for the mobile site.

Color Settings: Enter the hex color codes or use the color wheel to change the way your mobile site looks.

Other Setting Options:

Disable Mobile Site: turns off the mobile version of the site.

Disable Mobile Staff page: Removes "Staff Directory" from the Menu Dropdown on the mobile site. Staff Directory is included in the Menu Dropdown menu by default.

iPhone Site Icon: Allows you to set up an icon for the mobile site.

Location of CSS File: Styling can be applied using CSS.

Note: Mobile Site Settings are your responsibility to maintain. If you would like us to style your mobile site for you, we will be glad to do so for a one time setup fee. This service will include your athletic logo as well as color matching. This service is included for SIDHelp PLUS clients in all recent designs/redesigns of a site.

Example of a mobile site that we have styled : Clarke University Mobile Site

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