How can I get scores and news articles sent to my Twitter page.

Admin Settings > Social Media. Then Click the "Twitter Settings" on the right hand panel.

The first step is to grant SIDHelp the ability to post updates to your twitter feed. Click on the link labeled 'Setup Twitter To Allow Updates From SIDHelp.'

You will be directed to a page on confirming that you wish to allow SIDHelp access to your twitter account. If you are not logged into your twitter account, you will have be asked to log in to twitter on this page. Just click allow and you will be redirected back to your SIDHelp admin page.


There will now be additional options on this page to integrate SIDHelp with your twitter account

You will now be able to send a tweet by clicking the twitter icon in the upper right corner of your Admin site.

To enable News Article Tweets, mark the check box next to "Post links to news articles to your twitter" (you must also select the Use Integrated Twitter alert system box).

Once you have selected the options you want remember to click the blue "Update Settings" button.

To tweet scores:
On the Report Scores Page, click the "Enter Results" and then mark the check box for "Twitter". This will pre-populate the twitter messagebox (but you can edit the "What would you like to say?" field). Be sure to click the "Send Message" button to send to twitter.

Reminder, only Super Admins have this option unless the "Allow regular admins to tweet via the admin system" option is checked.

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