How to Setup Facebook Integration with SIDHelp


Log into the facebook account you wish for SIDHelp to use on before beginning this process. This account should have admin permissions for the facebook page for your sport teams. If you have not setup a facebook page, you will need to do so before you can setup integration with SIDHelp. This option is available to Super Admins only. If you are already updating Facebook via your rss feed, make sure to remove the rss feed from Facebook so articles aren't posted twice.


To integrate SIDHelp with your Facebook account:

First go to Admin Settings > Manage Social Media, then click the link for Facebook Settings on the right hand panel. The first time you go to this page it will contain only a single link, Click Here to Authorize SIDHelp to Update Your Facebook page, clicking on this link will direct you to a page on facebook asking you to confirm you wish to allow SIDHelp to post to facebook on your behalf. This page will display the list of permissions SIDHelp requires to be able to post to your facebook fan page.

Clicking the allow button will direct you back to the setup facebook integration page in your site's admin system. Now a new drop down option will appear asking you to select which page you want SIDHelp to post to.

Select the correct page, you may also check the box marked "Automatically Post News Articles to my Facebook Wall". If this option is checked the lead-in section of news articles will be posted to your facebook page along with a link to read the full article on your website, when you post news in the future, once you've selected the correct page click Set Facebook Settings.

After saving these settings, you should now be able to post to Facebook from within your SIDHelp Admin. You can click the facebook icon near the top right corner of the page to post a message directly to facebook, or you can post to facebook when creating a news article.

If you need to change what facebook account SIDHelp uses, log in to that facebook account on your computer and click the authorize link again to restart the process.

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