How do I Add a Photo with a Caption Inside an Article or Page?

There are times when you would like to add a photo inside an article. This can be accomplished by inserting a table that has the image in the top row and the text/caption in the bottom row.

First, type your text (or cut and paste it) into the content section of the form.


Then click to the left of the paragraph that you want to insert the photo.  This will position the cursor there where you want the photo to go.

Next, click on the Insert Table icon on the tool bar. This will open the Table Properties popup window. Use the following options:


Columns: 1

Width: make sure it is blanked out (this will auto fit to the image).

Border Size: 0

Cell Padding: 5

Cell Spacing: 0 (is 1 by default)

Alignment: Left (will make the table that contains the photo and caption appear to the left of normal paragraph text)

Click OK (This will close the Table Properties popup window and put your cursor in the top row of the table).


Then click on the Image icon on the tool bar to insert your image.

Now that the image is inserted into the content area, click on the bottom cell of the new table and type in your caption.  After you do this you may also want to click on the justify center icon to center your caption under the photo.


Next click on the OK button and your photo should be next to your paragraph with the text wrapped around it.

If you don't like the way it looks you can go back and make adjustments to the Table Properties by right clicking on the table (next to the caption) and then selcting "Table Properties"

You can add as many images into the article/custom page as you wish and you can use this anywere you use the content editor (Player/coach bios, text ads, ect). Just make sure that the images you want to display are not too big for your content section, and be sure to review it on the your fan site to make sure it looks correct.


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