How do I Add or Edit a New News Category?

News categories are very easy to add in SIDHelp.  You can add as many news categories as you would like. Most of the time they will be linked to a sport or two and if so the news for that category will appear on the sports home page for the associated sport(s).  If a news category is not assigned to a sport, the news will only show on the home page and the news archive page.

NOTE - In order to add a news category you must be logged in as a super admin.

To add a news category, log into the admin system as a super admin then find the following link:

News > View/Edit News Categories

Once on the page, you will see a list of news categories already on your site. If you need to add a News Category, you can do so using the panel on the right-hand side.


For Combined Sports (example: a single Golf category that will post to both Men's Golf and Women's Golf):

If you want to create a category that links to two sports you can do so (just make sure to utilize the second "Select Sport" dropdown option). Then when creating news articles, be sure to select the combined category from the drop-down.

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