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SIDHelp has a feature that allows you to show different bios (paragraph text) for a player as they play for your team year by year. This way, you can have separate bio information for FR, SO, JR, or SR.

To utilize this feature, create your bios as you normally would. When the new season arrives and you are setting up your roster, choose the Graduate Roster option. Then enter the bio for this year as you normally would.

Now that you have more than one years bio for a player, on the front end (Fan Site), you will browse to the current roster for that player and you will see links to the other years' bios appear.


To add previous year bios to your existing players:

Add/Edit the bio for the previous year as you normally would and then make sure that the listings in the "Other Bios:" section are highlighted when you click the "Update Bio" button. If you have more than one year/listing, you can hold down the Ctrl Key and click/select multiple years. If you would like to remove bios (that are linked to this particular year's bio), just check the "Clear Selections" checkbox and click the "Update Bio" button.

*Please note that only the seasons that are in the drop-down box which are also highlighted are the ones that will be linked to this seasons roster page.



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