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In your content editor, you can create tables to help you layout content. Most of the time, a simple table will suffice, but here are some useful tips on using tables. Keep in mind that you can also remove the borders of the tables, making the table outlines invisible to the user while your content makes use of the table layout.


To create a table: Please reference this article - How do I Add a Photo with a Caption Inside an Article or Page?


Once you create a table, you can click inside one fo the table cells and then right click to get more options.

For example, If you want to Insert a Row above the row your cursor is in Right click that cell then > Row > Insert Row Before.

Different options are available for Cell, Rows, or Columns. These options can be used to add or delete rows or columns into the table

There are also some useful options available for the overall Table:

  • If you would like paragraph text to flow around the table, set the alignment to Left or Right (and make sure a width is set).
  • Cell Padding & Cell Spacing can be used to add space around the content inside the tables
  • Border Size can be set, or you can enter 0 or blank it out to hide borders altogether.


Nested tables - You can put a table inside another table if needed. This can be helpful if you want to add rows to the inside table without affecting other columns or rows. For instance, if you are creating a records page that has data that you will be updating on a regular basis, you can set up an "Outside" table to have 2 columns that contain stat titles at the top and a few rows. Then you can click inside one of the table cells and insert another "Nested" table to contain your data. Then when your content needs updating  you can add a new row to the Nested table without affecting the gerneral layout or the content in other nested tables. Example of Record/statistics page using Nested Tables.


Common uses for tables inside custom pages:

Facilities Images - image in one column and description in the other or multiple images side by side

Images with captions

Record/statistics pages


A few more tips:

You can create tables in other areas of the SIDHelp Admin besides the Manage Custom Pages section. Examples: News Articles, Roster or Staff Bios, Ads (Select Text Ad from the Ad type dropdown to get the content editor).

Also note that if you are familiar with HTML, you can edit the table source directly by clicking the "Source" button in the upper left corner.

When setting up the tables, you can enter 100% in the table width field(in the table properties window) and it will take up all of the width that you have available.

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