How to import schedules into Google Calendar/Android devices

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We have now made this process very simple by adding a "Add to Google Calendar" link for all schedules.

If you are trying to download a calendar into Google Calendar you can't just click on the link and select Google Calendar like you can for other programs.  But Google has produced two help articles on this subject.  Use the links below to get this option to work for you.


Import events from iCalendar:

This is if you want a static copy of your schedule that will not change unless you reimport them again.


Subscribe to public calendars using the calendar address:

This is if you want Google to update your calendar each time your site is updated (there is a 15-30 minuite delay).


Once you have the calendar linked to your Google Calendar account, here are instructions for syncing it to your Android device- just click the link for the version of Android your device uses.

Sync Google Calendar with your Android device:


Since Goolge sometimes changes their links, please let us know if these links stop working.

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