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You must export a season stats XML file for a particular sport from the stats program you use. Save the file to your local computer. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact your stats provider.

Next, go to Admin > Schedules (select the sport/season you have the XML file for). Go to the “Upload Season XML” section (near the bottom of the page) and upload the season xml file you created in step 1.

After you do this, the player’s stats for that season will show up in their bio. If you wish to have their career stats show, there are a few more steps to complete.

You must export that sport’s season XML files for each season you are working with.

You must unlock those seasons in the admin so that you can edit them. Click here for more information on this.

For each season/sport, upload the season stats file as described above

In the current season, navigate to the roster for the sport you are working with. For each player, you must link their bio to their previous bios. If this option is unavailable, please contact us in order to get it enabled.

If you want the career stats to show in the previous season’s bios, you must repeat these steps for each season/sport. NOTE: If you are graduating rosters for the upcoming seasons, you do not have to do this as they will be linked automatically.

The player’s cumulative career stats, and also per-year stats, will now be displayed in their bio.

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