Manage SMS (text message or email updates) Subscribers

Admin Settings > Social Media > Subscription Service Settings

SIDhelp PLUS and GOLD Admins have bhe ability to send users updates (scores, articles or custom messages) information via text messages or email.

There are a couple of options that you can set at the top of the page, followed by a link  to the signup page (/SIDHelp/subscribeRegister.php) for your site in case you want to link it in your menu system or an article or custom page.

In the Subscribers table listing, you can see details about the user. If a user is having issues recieving the text/email updates for your site, you can confirm that they are using the correct email address or phone #, wheather or not they have confirmed (they must confirm text message and email messages separately) and which sports (or ALL) that they are subscribed to. You can also get a quick total of subscribers from the bottom right portion of the subscribers list table. You can also use this table to delete users and allow them to sign backup if needed.


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