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Fan Trave is a way to feature local preferred Restraunts and Hotels in your conference area as Partners on your site. This option can bring in advertising revenue for your conference, while giving fans that vist schools in your conference easy to access information on these partner Restraunts and Hotels.


To Add a Fan Travel Partner:

Under the "Fan Travel Menu" on the right side of the page, Click "Add a Partner" and enter the details for the Restraunt/Hotel.


To Add a City/Location:

Under the "Fan Travel Menu" on the right side of the page, Click "Cities/Location" and enter the city name - College asociated with the city. Click Create, and this new City/Location will now appear in the dropdown list when adding/edting a partner Restaurant/Hotel.


To view this information on your Fan Site:

*Please note that your site may require custom styling for this page if it was not included in your initial design.




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