Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard Page is the first page shown when logged into the admin of your site. This page can give you a quick look at what is happening on your site.

This tab allows you to see the announcements SIDHelp has made. This is also where you find the link to the release notes. Release notes will tell you what version of SIDHelp is the latest as well as what was added/fixed in that version.

This tab will allow you to bookmark pages for quick and easy access. This works the same way as your browser would when bookmarking a page. 

The schedule tab will show you events that were scheduled for yesterday and events from today. You can also do all functions from report scores on this tab as well.

Super Admin Only
This tab allows the super admins to see what needs to be approved for their site.

In the Right-Hand top corner of the page, there are links to Facebook, Twitter, and SMS. (If the links are not showing please see Admin Settings > Manage Social Media on how to link your pages.) These links will allow you to send a Facebook, Twitter, and/or SMS post. 

The corner you will also see a graph icon. This icon shows Google Analytics for your site. You can read more about this under Dashboard > How to see stats for my site.

The very most right corner of the admin you will see your name as well as a logout link. If you select your name there will be options that you can choose for you browsing comfort of the admin. This section is also where you can change your password for your account and the timezone your account is set to.

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