Splash Pages

What are splash pages?

Splash pages are pages that are displayed when a fan initially views your website. They are often used to display information about upcoming events.

Why use splash pages?

Nearly all visitors will see the splash page once when visiting your site. This makes them great for displaying new announcements that may be otherwise overlooked but does not need to be seen on repeated visits. They are also great for displaying time-sensitive information since you set the date they start and stop displaying.

Below is an explanation of each field when setting up a Splash Page:

Name: The name is used in the admin section only to easily identify each splash page, in case edits need to be made a

Splash Type: You can select Image OR Code/Video. An Image type will show an image (described below). A Code/Video will enable the code box where you can put YoutubeEmbed Code or other code as needed.

The web address (such as that visitors will be sent to if they desire more information about the subject of the splash page. This may be a page on your site or a page on another site. If you leave this area blank visitors will be directed to your homepage.

Image: This is an optional image to be displayed at the top of the splash page. Commonly splash pages consist of a large attention-grabbing image that tells what event is being advertised.

Start Date: This is the first day you want your splash page to begin displaying on your website. For example, if you set this date to 2/14/10 it will begin displaying on February 14th, 2010.

End Date: This is the date that the splash page will stop displaying. It is important to note that the splash page will not display on the end date. For example, a page set to start display on 2/14/18 with an end date of 2/28/18 will display from 6:00 a.m. on February 14th, 2018 to 6:00 am on February 28th, 2018.

Only one splash page may be displayed at a time, therefore the time frame between the start and end date may not overlap with any other splash page's date range. If the dates do overlap another splash page's dates, we will adjust them, and it may be necessary for you to change the dates. You can change the start and end dates at any time, and those changes will go into effect.

Background Color: Like most splash pages found elsewhere on the internet, your splash pages will not use the graphical elements of your site. You set the color for the background here, you may use the color picker or enter in your own hex color value (starting with the # symbol) if the color you desire is not in the color picker.

Text Color: This will be the color of the text on the splash page. It should be easily legible against the background you choose.

CSS File: This option will let you do advanced CSS styling on the splash page.

Text: You may choose to add additional text below the image in this area. We recommend most of the information about an event advertised via splash page be kept on a separate page. It is not required to enter text on a splash page.

Show on First Visit To:  You can check off multiple boxes that will determine when the splash page will show up. If the splash page is related to a particular sport, you can make it show on that sports homepage (or other sport homepages as well). If you don't want it specific to a sport, we recommend checking only the first box for "Site", which should show the initial splash page when they go to any page on your website.


This option will pop-up the splash page instead of loading it as its own page. This is great to use for inner pages that need a splash page to show.

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