Manage Redirects Page

The page can be found under Admin Settings > Misc Options > Manage Redirects


This page is to help users manage redirects as well as see pages or images that are showing as broken or misses. We suggest checking this page to see where your fans are going that is taking them to a broken link or Page Not Found. The Page Not Found will show until a redirect is added. This page will tell you the date of first miss as well as the latest miss. The count is to tell you how many misses that page has had during the first and latest miss. 


When viewing the misses tab you can create a redirect so that when that image or page is loaded it will go to the correct page or image. Thus not having to hunt down the broken image or page. To create the redirect for a miss you can select create under actions and then add the destination. The miss will continue to show in the list for 7 days from its latest miss. 


This feature was added to help sites that have just moved to our platform from other providers, but it is available and for use by all sites.



We suggest checking this page every so often just to ensure your not getting a lot of traffic on a broken page. 

You can ignore ones like /Blog or /Wordpress. Those are people trying to see what type of site you have. 

We suggest only spending time updating ones you feel have a number of misses or count that you find to be a number that warrants your attention.

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