What info is sent to Facebook when posting and where in the social media post box are those fields located.

As of version 1.3.90

When posting to Facebook from your website, here is where info you put into the publishing pop-out box is being used in the post on your Facebook Page.


Facebook scrapes your article’s image (1), title (2), and text (3) whenever you make a post. As illustrated below, you can see how the info is scraped from the link you provide (4).

How Facebook Post are gathered from the Social Media Pop-out Box  

You can personalize each post by adding text to the "Facebook Message" portion of the publishing pop-out box (5). This text will appear above the article link in your post (6).

How you can personalize your Facebook post

If you would like to preview what your post will look like before sending it through SIDHelp, you can select

the Facebook Preview button to view. This will take you to the Facebook Developers Page.

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