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Article Add Link on Custom Page
From the edit page (usually News or Custom Page). Enter the text or image that is is to be...
Views: 1525
Article Adding code to a custom page
Advanced source code can be added to custom pages in order to embed content like YouTube...
Views: 99
Article Advanced Table Options
In your content editor, you can create tables to help you layout content. Most of the time, a...
Views: 786
Article Can I have a Menu for a Custom Page I Created?
NOTE - We have to add custom code to your site for this to work.  First follow the instructions...
Views: 734
Article Column Layouts
If you do not see this feature please contact for more info on how to get...
Views: 136
Article How do I Add a Photo with a Caption Inside an Article or Page?
There are times when you would like to add a photo inside an article. This can be accomplished...
Views: 1034
Article How to add a table to a custom page
This is for sites launched summer 2017 and newer.When creating a custom page you may find it...
Views: 142
Article How to Create Custom Redirects
Go to Content Management > Manage Pages > List of Redirects > Add New Redirect.Once you...
Views: 196
Article Manage Pages (Custom Pages)
Content Management > Manage Pages This Admin page lets you create and manage Custom Pages,...
Views: 1632

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